Hematology & Clinical Pathology





In view of meeting its aim of providing accurate, reliable and quick services to its valued customers, specially developed computer software is  installed in the laboratory thus providing accuracy in data transfer,  control , retrieval  and monitoring, thereby preventing manual errors."

Clinical pathologists work in close collaboration with clinical scientists (clinical biochemists, clinical microbiologists, etc.), medical technologists, hospital administrators, and referring physicians to ensure the accuracy and optimal utilization of laboratory testing. Clinical pathology is one of the major divisions of pathology.


Q. Do you offer home visit for blood collection?

Yes, with prior notice, we send technicians for home visits within the vicinity of our 3 centres.

Q. Do you use disposable collection device?

Yes, for every patient, fresh blood collection device is used which is then disposed with due precautions.

Q. When can I get the report?

90% of the reports can be given on the same day in the evening and, certain specialized investigations can be done in a day or two.

Q. Is Fasting required for routine investigations?

Yes, fasting is required for most of the routine hematology and biochemical investigations unless otherwise specified by the doctor.

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